About me

I’m Steven Key (Keycreate) and I have been running my graphic design business for the past 10 years from Church Stretton in South Shropshire. I’m passionate about what I do and equally passionate about what you do. I want to make the whole process of getting good graphic design simpler and more flexible, but at the same time effective and to add value. I know what it’s like to work at an agency and also to run my own business which has taught me a lot not only in terms of technical knowledge but also customer service. I understand some of the frustrations from a client’s perspective which has helped me shape my business today and how I work with clients.


In 1988 I became an apprentice within a design team at a print company in Wolverhampton. I studied at Matthew Boulton College in Birmingham and also had on the job experience in the design studio when not studying. Those formative years have taught me a lot not only in terms of skills but also in terms of work ethics and standards.

By 2006 I’d built up many working relationships and a reputation with clients who followed me wherever I worked. It had got to the stage where I was not only a graphic designer but I was also in effect a sales rep. I was bringing in the work and then actually doing it! In 2006 it became apparent that I really should start something up on my own. Fast forward ten years and I’m now celebrating ten years of Keycreate.

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