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Making print easier

Having the design and print from the same source makes perfect sense.

I see so often now and in the past (having worked at a large commercial printers) the pitfalls that can arise when splitting the design and printing processes. What can happen (and often does) is that you can get an awkward situation where the graphic designer and printer point fingers at each other when something goes “wrong”. The unfortunate client is then in the tricky situation of being caught in the middle not knowing where the problem lies and the aggravation this causes.

So, what I do is to take any risk element away.

I know the industry inside out having spent 15+ years in a print environment. I understand what it takes to take design through to press because I have been there, seen it and done it myself. I know what printers need from designers and I know what designers need from printers.

Whether it’s large format/small format, short run/long run – if it can be printed then I can find the right option for you at the most cost-effective price. I can cater for any “green” requirements too by using FSC accredited printers and paper stocks if needed. The company who I rate the highest for all things print are Graphics and Print in Telford, Shropshire.